La Mamounia - Marrakesh - £165 per night B&B
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On the edge of Northern Africa lies Morocco and a warm welcome to the palatial La Mamounia Hotel in Marrakesh. A sumptuous haven set amidst lush royal gardens, often frequented by Winston Churchill himself.

Imagine yourself soaking in the luxurious bath in this room, scented with soothing spices from the Kasbah, at the end of a long hot day, and emerging in to your cosy, richly swathed room and snuggling up in your dressing gowns on the bed of this little haven. And, if you can summon the will power to crawl out of that magnificent bed in the morning, bring yourself back to England and enjoy a proper Yorkshire breakfast in the restaurant.

All Manor rooms have the use of our communal courtyard Sauna and Hot Tub.