Reserve Now for the Crab and Lobster

Our Most Luxurious Offer Yet


*This upgrade is an extra cost additional to your accommodation charge, and is only available when staying in one of our 3 Luxury Suites

For those with great taste who appreciate those elegant details, you can now upgrade to our Crab Connoisseur Collection to make your stay even more memorable.

Luxury Package includes

  • Bottle of Dom Perignon in the room on arrival
  • 4-course dinner including cheese board
  • Wine pairing to accompany each course
  • Matching Crab & Lobster branded bathrobes
  • Crab & Lobster cuddly crab or cuddly lobster

Add Garden Pod for £100**

**Subject to availability.

Crab & Lobster Pods

For more further information please email [email protected] or call the team on 01845 577 28